Circular economy 2023

Starting conversations and connecting communities

Ian Farrell, editor of Circular magazine, chaired an expert discussion at our client CIWM’s latest sustainability conference.

At CPL One, we know that engaging membership audiences isn’t only about creating fantastic printed magazines or digital content, it’s also about developing trusted relationships and helping to build supportive communities in which useful knowledge and experience can be shared. 

For example, last week, CPL One editor Ian Farrell chaired a round table event at the Festival of Circular Economy 2023. The festival is a sustainability conference organised by our client, the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), for which we create the award-winning Circular magazine. 

Across the festival’s two days of virtual live-streamed content, changemakers and thought leaders from around the world gather to share their insights and expertise on all things to do with developing a circular economy to create more sustainable futures for us all.

This year, Circular was the official media partner of the festival and Ian, the magazine’s editor, was invited to chair a panel session on the role of technology in the circular economy. The expert panel consisted of: Chukwumaobi Ibe from Sheffield Hallam University, who has a special interest in the building and demolition industry; Dr Michael Groves, CEO of data aggregation and analytics company Topolytics; Philip Mossop from climate technology company Pentatonic; Matthew Gawn from waste management software company ISB Global; and Abi Heijgelaar from NHS Services Scotland, whose role is in the procurement of non-disposable supplies can improve the NHS’s environmental credentials.

Across the session, the varied discussion included topics ranging from waste crime and AI to big data and smart materials. 

“Exploring the interconnected ideas of expert contributors in different sustainability and circular economy roles is fascinating,” Ian said after the event. “Circularity represents a way to cut carbon emissions, look after natural resources and deal with pollution – all while protecting jobs and giving people a better way of life. 

“To get it to work, we need people right through the value chain to talk to each other, from product designers to retailers to waste managers. That’s why bringing people together at events like the festival is so vitally important,” he said.

For CPL One’s dedicated editorial staff, chairing discussions at conferences and festivals demonstrates their investment in and knowledge of our clients’ industries and specialist sectors. It also reflects our understanding that connecting communities is a foundational aspect of creating positive change for organisations.

You can read more about our work with CIWM here.