Social media campaign for the Death Penalty Project

The Death Penalty Project (DPP) is an international legal action charity that uses the law to protect prisoners facing execution and achieve fairer and more humane justice systems. It believes the death penalty is a cruel and inhumane punishment which discriminates against the poorest and most disadvantaged members of society.

CPL One has worked with the DPP for a decade, creating reports, videos and other communications material to highlight the remarkable work of the organisation, which is based at London law firm Simons Muirhead & Burton LLP.

The Challenge

The DPP team was keen to increase the visibility and reach of the organisation. 

They needed to raise the DPP’s profile and communicate its work and impact to a wider audience. They were conscious that while the DPP had some strong communications assets, its social media presence needed enhancing and levels of engagement concerning its website had to increase.

They also acknowledged that the two co-executive directors, Parvais Jabbar and Saul Lehrfreund, should make greater use of organic social media to maximise their influence and authority, in order to achieve the DPP’s overall goals. 

They wanted to learn from an agency with expertise in digital communications and content strategy, while retaining a longer-term goal to manage their social media output and outreach in-house.

The Solution

CPL One worked closely with DPP to agree on the objectives for the three-month campaign and to clarify target audiences, including policy makers, lawyers, academics, civil society and the media. 

A major priority was to drive more traffic to the DPP website and CPL One used Google Analytics’ goals tool to shape the key performance indicators for the campaign and accurately measure the success of the social media platforms.

CPL One created an outline content plan for the campaign, which included three to five engaging, concise and shareable written organic posts each week, social media cards and infographics. With a limited budget, a key priority was to maximise existing visuals and other assets wherever possible.

Throughout the campaign, the CPLOne and DPP teams liaised closely, both to ensure that new content being posted was accurate and appropriate and to advise the DPP team on how best to maximise their social media presence through the campaign. At all stages, the focus was on taking an agile approach, learning quickly from what did and didn’t work effectively.


The results


Increase in engagement across all channels 


Increase in social traffic to DPP website 


Increase in engagement on LinkedIn

A key objective for us was to increase our visibility and we knew that social media could be a key tool to help us do that. But up to now, with a small team, we have never had the capacity, nor sufficient knowledge or the confidence, to use social media effectively. The CPL One team offered us a combination of expert consultancy and hands-on day-to-day delivery to provide a real boost to our social media presence. The results speak for themselves.

Saul Lehrfreund, co-executive director, Death Penalty Project


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