Capgemini woodland trail with small lights lighting the way

On the trail of great stories with Capgemini

Cutting-edge tech gets the human touch in CPL One’s work for a global consultancy firm.

What do the following all have in common?

The answer: they are all topics CPL One journalists have covered during our work with Capgemini.

One of the world’s largest technology consultancy firms, Capgemini has more than 350,000 employees in over 50 countries and an annual revenue of €18 billion. 

It partners with leading companies to transform and manage their business by unlocking the value of cutting-edge technologies, including cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software and digital engineering.

We’ve worked with Capgemini since 2020, researching, developing and writing articles that link innovation with the human stories behind it.

For a recently published series of stories on quantum technologies, that included: 

The stories encompass Capgemini’s varied work and roles – for example looking at technology could help restore the natural balance of the Mojave Desert, or how a Capgemini colleague’s volunteering work in Poland is helping to close the gender gap in the IT workforce.

They all appear on the Inside Stories section of Capgemini’s website, under the headings of: Digital inclusion; Diversity and inclusion; Environment; Future-shaping projects and Life at Capgemini.

And by demonstrating the range of Capgemini’s business, they aim to engage an audience of future employees, customers and stakeholders about how Capgemini is helping to build a better future for its colleagues, clients and communities.

So, while the topic may be cutting-edge innovation, the goal of our storytelling for Capgemini is very much grounded in real-world objectives.