The benefits of professional communities

We asked CPL One colleagues why community is a foundation of the work we create for clients.

Community engagement drives much of the work we do for our clients at CPL One. Why? Because it helps businesses understand customer needs and pain points, builds brand awareness, and boosts acquisition and loyalty. We believe that in a strong community individuals find the support to be themselves – and to thrive. 

But what do people really think about the benefits of being part of a community? We asked CPL One colleagues what it means to them.

Together for common goals

“A community is a place where people with similar interests or a common goal come together and understand and accept each other,” says senior account manager Russell Bass. “It’s a place where we learn from people with similar experiences. Teams are stronger than individuals and when you band together you can really succeed. 

“With our clients, community is often the backbone of what they do. They can benefit when we help them bring people together around those shared professional interests. When we create content and brand messaging that appeals to and targets those shared passions, it ultimately helps generate income so they can continue to do their great work.”

Supporting professional specialisms

Denise Burrows, production editor, says that understanding a community’s needs helps CPL One support professional audiences across different specialisms.

“Many of the clients we work with operate in very specialist fields,” she says. “A focused community is a way that like-minded professionals can stay connected, sharing knowledge and supporting each other. It’s about strengthening networks around a common purpose so people can take action and succeed in their objectives.

“At CPL One, we all have our own individual part to play in achieving the company’s wider objectives, but really we work together as a community. It helps to bring a sense of belonging, because we’re surrounded by people who understand what we’re trying to achieve. Community is about sharing information and skills, but building trusted friendships is important too.”

Respecting skills and experience

“There is a great community spirit at CPL One,” says editorial director Phil Minett. “Everyone looks out for everyone else; we work hard; there is a lot of laughter; and everyone respects the skills others bring to the table. 

“For our clients and their audiences, being part of a shared community gives a wide range of opportunities and, if the going gets tough, they know someone is there to offer expert advice and, where necessary, fight their corner for them.

“For me, there is nothing better than the comfortable feeling I get from belonging to a community. They are places or situations where I feel relaxed, as I know I am among like-minded people.”

Challenges and opportunities

“On a day-to-day level, a sense of community spirit can be about having other people to float ideas around with and use as a sounding board,” says senior account manager Michelle Davey. “Being able to talk through any challenges with others in similar situations helps reduce stress levels. 

“In your professional life you sometimes encounter projects that become more difficult than expected, and having other people around who really understand the situation and can help out is essential. For anyone who is new to a role or in the early stages of their career, it’s vital that they can talk to others and ask questions.”

Rian Swift, senior digital account executive, says that – ultimately – community is about opportunity.

“As well as the sense that you belong to something, it’s about the collaborative opportunities that a community offers – and especially about the opportunity for people to gain validation and support.”

Support. Guidance. Collaboration. Opportunity. Purpose. Trust. Friendship. If these are the foundations for a strong community, then it sounds like community could be the foundation for a profitable professional partnership.

To discover more about how we strengthen communities for our clients, contact business development director Lucy Oakshott.

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