Animating the history of an institution

Our animated film for CIWM celebrates the Institution’s 125th anniversary by telling an important story with style.

How do you tell a story that spans more than a century if you only have three minutes to engage and inform your audience? 

When CPL One created content to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), and chart the birth of the circular economy, this was the challenge. 

“Initially, we put together a proposal with a choice of content ideas that we could create to help CIWM mark its anniversary year,” says senior account manager Alex Lamb.

“One option we suggested was animation, which we know is a good way to tell a story and something that can also stay online as evergreen content. Animation would also allow us to overlay CIWM’s brand colours and tone of voice across a mix of stock imagery and bespoke graphics and design. It would also let us weave different elements and milestones into the mix – for example, by highlighting Circular, the magazine we create for CIWM and its members.” 

CPL One’s Ian Farrell, editor of Circular, had written a feature about the Institution’s anniversary for the magazine, and this was used as the foundation from which to script the animation.

“Using the magazine feature, we broke down the 125-year history of CIWM into a timeline of different scenes,” says Alex. “It transported us from seeing waste on the streets of Victorian Britain to the advances of the present day and into the future. 

“After the first draft of the script was signed off, we set about storyboarding the animation and finding suitable images so that our designers could create a collage to illustrate the story. The creative process involved our designers, editorial team, animators and videographers.“It was a truly cross-departmental project and we really enjoy being able to work in that way. We think the animation is really strong; for us it hit a sweet spot and know it’s resonating with CIWM members too.”

If you would like to discuss how animation could help tell your organisation’s story, get in touch.