Mike Sewell blog: a showcase for our membership expertise

Our managing director reflects on CPL One’s new credentials showcase, which demonstrates some of the different ways we help membership organisations build a stronger future.

At CPL One we are proud to work with organisations in a broad range of sectors – such as charities, corporates, local authorities, horseracing and the arts.

But we have always had a particular specialism in the membership sector, including with professional bodies, trade associations and consumer-facing organisations.

Indeed, in the 1990s, back in the days when we were called Cambridge Publishers Ltd, one of the agency’s first jobs was for a small membership organisation. The project went well. Or at least it did until the moment when we were due to be paid and the cheque bounced.

Thankfully history hasn’t repeated itself much since then and, unlike that short-lived client, we are still around and thriving.

A key reason for this longevity is that we have always looked to shape and understand our membership clients’ needs and priorities – and evolve our skills and expertise as a result.

Our new CPL One Highlights document demonstrates this. 

It shows examples of the different ways we help membership organisations deliver strong and effective communications for their audiences, including:

  • Long-term projects such as developing member value propositions, creating awareness-building advertising campaigns and building new content brands; and
  • Shorter-term, tactical campaigns delivered via film, podcast and print channels.

In all cases, these show us achieving both our business mission (‘We inspire people and bring them together around our clients’ brands and organisations’) and our purpose (‘We help people belong’).

When we brought CPL and Century One together in 2022 to create CPL One, we extended our client base – and the range and depth of our expertise in content marketing.

Our new credential showcase highlights just a few ways in which our clients are benefiting from this expertise. If you think you could benefit too, do please get in touch with me or my colleague Lucy Oakshott. You can download our credential showcase highlights by clicking the button below.