Our new film helps Ukrainian refugees find their own homes

Moving on is the latest in a series of campaign films made for South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Homes for Ukraine scheme.

A music video by rock legends Radiohead provided some of the inspiration for our latest film supporting refugees from Ukraine.

Moving on offers simple guidance on the steps that guests from Ukraine can take to find their own accommodation after living with host families.

Created for South Cambridgeshire District Council and shot entirely in Ukrainian, the continuous movement in the film draws inspiration from Radiohead’s 2016 video Daydreaming. It guides the viewer through four options: staying where you are; financial support; social housing; and renting.

The focus of the film is Mayrna, who was a teacher in Ukraine and now lives with a host family in Cambridgeshire. It was created by a CPL One team that included director Marcus Codrington Fernandez, camera operator and editor Jonathan Sankey, and producer Alex Lamb.

CPL One also worked with the team at South Cambridgeshire to create and design a written guide that gives further details on how guests from Ukraine can find their own accommodation.

The film and guide have been sent directly to guests from Ukraine who are living in the South Cambridgeshire area and they are also being used at various community events.

Moving on is the latest in a series of films we have created to promote the Homes for Ukraine scheme in Cambridgeshire. Our previous campaign, Spare room, encouraged more people to become hosts for guests from Ukraine.

Ben Thackray, Homes for Ukraine – Development Officer, for South Cambridgeshire District Council, is delighted with the campaign.

“We have welcomed hundreds of people from Ukraine to our district over the past couple of years, with the majority starting as guests with host families,” he said.

“Our goal now is to help them understand the steps that can be taken to find their own accommodation in the future. This can be a confusing and daunting prospect, so we are delighted to have some campaign materials that explain things in a simple and accessible way. The CPL One team have done a brilliant job again.”

CPL One’s Alex Lamb added: “It was a pleasure to work on this project and fantastic that Mayrna was willing to be the focus and voice of the film. This adds to its authenticity, effectiveness and impact.”

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