Taxi moving through London

Five-minute intro to… TAXI newspaper and the LTDA

In the third of an occasional and informal series introducing you to our work at CPL One, we hitch a ride with a London-based client.

So, who’s in the back of the cab this week? 

I see what you did there! Yes, it’s the official newspaper of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA). TAXI newspaper, which CPL One creates for the LTDA, is circulated in and around central London every fortnight. 

How many members does the organisation have?

With more than 10,000 members, the LTDA represents the majority of London’s black-cab drivers.

What’s the aim of the LTDA?

That’s quite simple: it’s the biggest trade organisation dedicated to protecting London taxi drivers’ livelihoods. Members’ subscriptions help pay for legal representation (should drivers need it), support with licensing issues, and campaigns against changes and legislation that may have an impact on drivers’ welfare or earnings. For example, earlier this year the LTDA legal team helped save drivers’ livelihoods after TfL changed its driver suitability policy.

And are they all familiar with TAXI newspaper?

The newspaper is well established – it launched way back in 1970 and has more than 35 distribution points across London,  including Euston, Paddington, Waterloo and Wimbledon. It can now also be downloaded as a digital pdf. So yes, it’s pretty well known. In fact, TAXI is a great example of a free publication model that continues to thrive.     

What’s in the paper then? Any celebrity gossip or humorous tales of the late-night drunk and disorderly?      

Of course not, that’s all confidential! In fact, there’s a mix of news and views on the big issues and topics that taxi drivers have to deal with. London cabbies are a close-knit and loyal community and they band together, for example, around issues such as road access and the future of the Knowledge of London.

Oh yes, ‘The Knowledge’. So TAXI brings the drivers’ perspective to the stories?

It does. But the big news stories are only part of the picture. There’s also room for lifestyle stories, ranging from theatre and film reviews, to satirical pieces, opinion and history features. It’s a real A-to-Z of news, views and leisure offers that cabbies can use.     

Tell me more…

Amon Warmann, Empire magazine’s contributing editor, writes monthly film reviews; financial expert Emma Lunn offers advice on topical money-saving issues; and historian Rob Lordan crafts some weird and wonderful (and sometimes murderous!) tales of London’s colourful past.

So, as a cabbie might say: “you never know what you’re going to pick up”.

Essentially, the aim is to get the paper into the hands of cab drivers all over the capital, for both an informative and entertaining read. Each publication addresses the latest issues and covers the biggest news from the taxi world, while also offering content related to London life and its culture.

What does the LTDA say about TAXI as the go-to read for cabbies?

“Ask any driver – TAXI has more readers than the rest put together!”

And what does CPL One say?

The LTDA is a long-standing client for us and we love working on the newspaper and with the team there.

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